Monday, January 1, 2007

Ajnabi, Egmore, Chennai, India

Name: Ajnabi
Address: Fountain Plaza, Egmore
Location: Chennai (madras), India

Ajnabi was the haunt of my school days. Asan Memorial, my school was down the road and when FP (Fountain Plaza) was opened, it was the place to spend time. And Ajnabi among the many different shops inside the plaza served some of the best Bhel Puris, Kachoris and Samosas.

The shop is now located in a congested corner, at the rear of the shopping complex, but still commands the crowd. I guess when you make good food, people tend to wander about and taste something different, but then come back to taste the experts. I particularly like their kachoris and samosas, and do venture out to try some of the other delicacies they display on their counter.

They make most, if not all the stuff at the kitchen at the back of restaurant. And the looks of it may scare you off. But then who ever looks inside a kitchen to eat the food. If you chose to ignore some of these, then you are in for a good time. If you think not, then take out is a good option, because you can drive and park nearby, pick up your stuff and zoom out of there, to enjoy your favorites.

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Shantaram said...


Saw this after I'd made a post about Fountain Plaza on my blog... pleasantly surprised to see that Ajnabee still exists, didn't notice a sign when I was there a few weeks ago... and I too have good memories of it from my Asan days!