Sunday, February 11, 2007

Traffic Jam, Adyar, Chennai

I have eaten from this place many times, since my home is about 200 yards aways. We order deliver or have the food picked up by our watchman from this place quite often. Usually its to meet an immediate need to meet the carnivorous instinct within, that craves for meat.

Its kind of weird, that how your body craves for a particular food. I guess its all in the mind. Or maybe not, its probably more in your mouth, as the saliva oozes out of each pore of the mouth, filling it with taste that you think you had the last time you ate the same food.

Anyway, the food, specially the parrotta and fish fry is recommendable from here. I havent eaten too much other than this and boneless chicken fry, which by the way is also decent. But, while i may have some doubts if i will order from this place again (i will come to the reason later), i think there are a few plus points that one must consider before completely dismissing this place.

My Family and i, decided to take stroll from our home to the Food World or Spencer's Daily as it is now called. After buying noting much, we were trying to determine where to eat, as we were passing Traffic Jam. Since we had ordered from here before, we didnt think too much about walking in. Fortunately they have an airconditioned section, which keeps the hot/humid madras air and dust from the Sardar Patel road away from your food, but fortunately they are not well lit, so you dont know if you are in for any surprise.
And we were, as we sat and were looking thru the menu, a huge cockroach, ran right through the middle of us, across the front of the table, slighting us humans and daring us to kill him. Well, since we had invaded his or her privacy, i guess it was right for such a strike back. And it worked, we ran for our lives, because my wife cannot stand roaches, not even if they are a mile away. And the fact that there was a bold fella' running around, was not good for us.

Well, as to ordering from here, i may still choose to do so. One cause, we never had a problem before with the food, two, cause it is fast, and three, what are the other alternatives?