Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Tic Tac, Montieth Rd, Egmore, Chennai

I have been to this place a few times, but eaten the food from here (delivery) many times. Their rolls are the most awesome. Coming to think of it, thats all i really get from there. I was there at the restaurant recently, and was provided a similar quality of food.

We ordered egg rolls, panneer rolls, but passed on the chicken rolls (the tikka rolls are good too) because of trying to cut down on meat and non-vegetarian. We also got some rotis and dal-makhani. They also serve chinese too. Now, thats what is amazing in many restaurants in chennai and for that matter in India. They have everything under the sun, instead actually cooking what they are best in.

In any case, the service was not great at the place. It was crowded and full, which is not uncommon these days in any restaurant in Chennai, good or bad. I guess, with this kind of patronage, most restaurants are going to be lax in their service. The owner (i think) being around, helped in this case, he asked his people to reach out to us. So, while it was not bad service, i think extra care is possible.

The food, itself, specially their panneer rolls are amazing. I can easily say, its one of the best i have eaten. There is competition tho', so they need to make sure they keep their edge. And if you dont particularly like their service or having to wait for seating, you can order out (delivery).