Friday, August 22, 2008

Liu's Waldorf, Adyar, Chennai

This is one of the oldest and still running chinese restaurant in Chennai. Well, it looks and feels like it. Located very close to IIT Madras, on the main Sardar Patel Road, in Adyar, this restaurant has been around of ages. I remember going to the place as a kid. It used to be run by a Chinese family. I still remember the husband and wife who seated us and were serving us. I still think it possibly owned by them, no reason to think otherwise. Unless, of course, when you wonder about the condition of the restaurant now.

I visited the Waldorf again recently. The entrance is now a very crowded place, with two or more other eating places nearby, and the road on which it is located, is now a major artery within Chennai. But surprisingly, it had parking space for about 3-4 cars, and about 2 dozen bikes. The restaurant had a worn out look. We chose this place, out of desperation because we didnt want to travel very far and were hungry. We made a good choice. Waldorf was always known for its quality chinese food. This time too, they didnt let us down.

We were about eight people, quickly settled down in a corner, and were ready with our order. The veg fried rice, egg fried rice (i voted down chicken fried rice, i somehow am not a fan of that), waldorf special chicken, waldorf special veg. I also noticed the fooyoung, i hadnt seen one a menu for a long time. I ordered this egg dish, which probably closely related to an egg omellete. Even the waiter, answered to my query about it saying "its an omellete". We then waited. Waited for what was about 5, or maybe 8 minutes, to see the waiter carrying medium sized bowls of piping hot food. We soon added a few more dishes thinking we have ordered less, considering there were a few 'Bhim' in our mix.

The food was good, but they could have taken more care in preparing chicken dishes. The experience all together was a little mixed though. The restaurant should take more care in its cleaniliness etc. The waiter were dressed in clothes which were probably cleaned once a week or less. The glasses for drinking water were cleaned, but they were not dried and had water drops inside and outside. The people were friendly and helpful, specially the parking attendant outside. I only wish they had take more care. But, i guess, considering they dont charge a lot of money for decent food, they are probably just about managing on the numbers side.


Anonymous said...

Sanjeevanam Restaurent, Adyar, chennai-20 . Yes, Except the Different , Natural, Healthy food items, It is full of worst. Worst service, Worst A/C, but costs.
Most of these certified & High class hotels like this, sangeetha, aanandha bhavan, saravana bavan , etc in Chennai like cities are in same category.
Worst fellows, they keep banners like quality food, we care for your health, etc.
I visited this sanjeevanam 3 times:
FIRST TIME: went with free coupon for 2 lunch. ordered for 3 lunch. we enquired many times about the billing once we entered. And it was clearly mentioned in the coupon also. But that fools (ISO Certified fools) billed for all 3 lunches and went arguing on that. Finally one genius accepted and we came out by paying only for extra one lunch.

SECOND TIME: Another 2 or 3 fools asked us to wait in reception since it was houseful at 2pm and told he will come and call us. Till 2.20 no one turned up. Then we entered and asked them. The Certified people replied that the meals are over. We were very hungry, tired. Not to disturb the others and the environment we came out quietly

Anonymous said...

about Hotels in & around ADYAR Signal, Chennai-600020

2 Categories by current cost of living!!!: Low-class and Middle class
- items cost Rs. 20/- and above (Snacks from 5 rs)
- if u have 50 rupees, enough for 1 session
- Quality (according to me): may be filled with low-class (govt 1 rs/kg rice!!) rice/impure water/much baking soda(bread soda,cooking soda)/less masala items,
- Quantity : doubles the another category
- Environment: employees with local dress (dirty lungies and shirts/banian) without proper hair dress, without shaving, worst behaviours in front of customers,
- we need to stand and eat in that unclean area
- no proper ventilation, small dining rooms
- cleaning dining tables without water
- toilets: no
- Service: Self service,
Samples:Ganesh bhavan (near signal),Rathna cafe (near signal), Treat out-eat!! (near malar hospital bus stop), Krishna hot spot (opp. to krishna sweets/Sangeetha restaurent, gandhinagar bus stop), Yash (opp. adyar bus stand, not depot!!)

- items cost Rs. 40/- and above (Snacks from 10 rs)
- if u have 150 rupees, enough for 1 session
- Quality (according to me): Hotels under this category keep big banners, advertise for their quality. But all are only up to that (only in banners and advertisements). Some times my self and our friends found (got!!)species and insects including snails and cockroach (TWO times in Sangeetha restaurent)
may be filled with middle-class (15 rs/kg rice!!) ,LESS baking soda(bread soda,cooking soda)/MUCH masala items,
- Quantity : HALF of the another category
- Environment: employees with Uniforms, they dont come to customers, we should call them every time for every thing including for billing!!
-Water: purified corporation water with their hands inside the cup!!
- Tiles, grand and colorful bulbs with dim light, one will remove the emptied plates(wait for 5 min), one will clean the table, one will take order, one will serve (wait minimum 15-20 minutes for every order), one will supervise
- no proper ventilation, big but congested dining rooms, A/C for namesake
- cleaning dining tables with water if you or the superwisor is present
- Service: Call bearer 2 or 3 times
- toilets: yes
Samples:near Gandhinagar or adyar canal bus stop- krishna sweets and sangeetha, near malar hospital bus stop: Treat, near adyar signal-the great adyar aanandha bhavan(A2B), vaigai woodlands!!,near BSNL Office, LB Road- Vasanth bhavan(better), sri bhavan, another hotel with lady’s name,opp. adyar bus stand, not depot!!-adyar bakery, janapriya (formerly non-veg)

BEST SNCKS in ADYAR Signal (near adyar bakery): there is a nameless snacks shop in a lane,
hot, fast moving & quality,
starts from 3Rs, timings: Evening 3 to 8
people wait and get satisfied every day

Prasad said...

waldorf is a gud one!!! i espicaly lik the pork that they giv there....nice and crunchy!!! tho i am not a big fan of pork i lik it there!

nice blog u got here man!

Anonymous said...

liu's waldorf is worth trying considering the quality food and the quantity and the price.worth a try.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the post...reached your blog courtesy a google search to track the chinese restaurant i knew of near IIT Madras.....used to go there in the late '80s and '90s ...will check out tonight how it still fares and let you know!