Monday, July 28, 2008

Sparky's, Spur Tank Rd, Chetput, Chennai

Their tagline or slogan reads 'never trust a skinny chef'.... well apparently the fat guy chef has suddenly lost a lot of weight.
I cant but be amused at the sudden change of quality and service at the place. Dont get me wrong, they are not bad. It is a good place. The people are friendly. However, the service and food from my first visit to the fourth had changed.

As far as the food and menu is concerned, you wont make a mistake. The restaurant gives you a pleasant experience of a standard american diner. Ofcourse without the bottomless coffee or soda. Well, to expect that in India, is some way off.

They have a buffet on friday evening, which gives you a good value for money (not to be compared with typical indian buffet) and also provides an opportunity to taste different dishes.

They are very children friendly and allow the kids make a big noise without getting irritated. It does create a good and pleasant atmosphere. The decor (kind of similar to TGIF etc), gives you a nice perception of America. To expats, there are things that they can associate to, and i guess feel at home, no matter where you are from in the US.

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